Sunday, 25 December 2011

Info - Cara Mudah Untuk Dapatkan Password Wifi

Ada yang bertanya kepada saya bagaimana untuk mendapatkan semula password atau kata laluan wifi yang telah hilang atau berkunci..maksudnya berpassword, sekiranya anda pernah mengalami keadaan yang sama seperti ini..terlupa kata laluan wifi anda..caranya sangat mudah untuk mendapatkannya semula. hanya menggunakan sofware Beini miniweb-gtk anda pasti akan perolehi kata laluan anda semula dalam tempoh kurang dari 5 minit!

Jadi apa itu Beini? beini merupakan sofware untuk mencari  kata laluan wifi dengan sangat mudah..dalam erti kata lain HACK PASSWORD WIFI..malah bukan itu sahaja..sofware beini ini juga mampu mendapatkan semua kata laluan wifi yang telah di kesan pada laptop dan membolehkan anda menggunakan internet dengan PERCUMA berbanding dengan Backtrack ataupun aircrack...beini miniwep ini merupakan sofware yang paling terbaik dan jauh lebih mudah berbanding jenis sofware yang lain..buktinya lihat gambar-gambar dibawah anda hanya perlu klik pada button2 yang mudah dan tidak memeningkan.

Lihat video dan langkah dibawah ini hanya dengan beberapa langkah mudah anda akan memperolehi password! anda boleh menggunakan google translate untuk terjemah kepada bahasa malaysia

1. Insert CD to you CD Rom, restart your computer and boot the CD Rom (just like when you format computer to install windows, boot the CD).
    You may need to change your boot order to CDROM first instead of Harddisk. It normally change change in bios setup during you start computer by press F2, F10, ESC  depending your computer.
    ** If you don't know how to do this, kindly consult your friend/computer technician with basic computer knowledge.
         Or go to www.google.com and search for how to "boot from CD ROM drive". 

2. After boot successful, you will be bring to below screen. Click the Minidwep-gtk to start the program.
    A windows will prompt out, just click ok.

3. When below windows prompt out, just click ok.

4. Click the Minipwep-gtk to start the program. Then click scan to scan the available wireless.

5. Select the wireless with client, and click the launch to start cracking process.

Note: the router that you want to hack must be using (have data transfer), the higher data transfer, the faster the cracking process.
    If you notice that IVS value is not running, or running very very slow after few minutes, it means that there is no data transfer on the router. You may look for other time (when the router is using) to test again.

6. Below showing the IVS is running and increasing... Normally IVS Reach value around 30000 to 50000, the password will be found.

*** This Beini Software is for your own wifi education purpose. 
Cracking other people wifi is illegal and against law.
We advice you do not attempt to attack other ppl wireless other than your own.


Apa yang telah dikemaskini?

- Updated Aircrack-ng to 1.1r1859
- Updated FeedingBottle to 3.2: generate *.wkp file directly when get handshake packets (EWSA3.x project file)
- Added driver x_ath9k_htc_compat-wireless-2.6.38-rc4-1.tce:AR9271 chips supported
- Added firmware.tcz:updated RT3070 firmware and more
- File Manager:Removed ROX-Filer(libglade.tczl,libxml2.tczl,rox-filer_root.tcz,shared-mime-info.tcz),Added Xfe(xfe.tcz,xfe-locale.tcz,fox.tcz,Xorg-7.5-lib.tcz)

Notes: If you are not using AR9271 chips, please delete "x_ath9k_htc_compat-wireless-2.6.38-rc4-1.tce" and "firmware.tcz", these two packets of software will cause some problems with some cards, after that please add "rt2x00_2.6.34-Beini.tce" in Beini-1.2.1 for supporting RT3070 chips. Sorry to have caused you so much inconvenience.

Nota: Burn iso tu as image kat cd (gunakan Nero, Ashampoo, Ultraiso dan lain-lain lagi)
Buat USB boot (gunakan UNETbootin 377)


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